12.5 yards of 4 oz. E glass cloth 42 inches wide, 1.5 gallons of Resin Research Epoxy Resin, 3 quarts of hardener, (1) 4 oz bottle of Additive F.  

This kit includes enough material to cover 1 surfboard up to 12'2" long x 36" wide with 2 layers on top and 1 layer on bottom.

If you need mixing cups, tape, sandpaper, brushes, etc. be sure to purchase the "Glassing Paraphernalia Kit" sold separately.

We are able to ship some Fiberglass products Globally. Contact us for pricing and availability

12.5 yards SUP Cloth & Resin, FREE shpg. to U.S.Lwr48 (A21-WSB-E-R)